Jora Compost Tumbler 270 (Medium) – Insulated


  • Dual composting chambers
  • Insulated compost tumbler
  • Very easy to rotate
  • Rodent proof
  • Perfect for a 4+ person household


Jora Composters were born as a result of stringent home composting regulations in many municipalities in Sweden. Those regulations state that the active compost chamber should be insulated and rodent proof. And there you have the basis of the insulated dual chamber Jora Compost Tumblers.
The rotating Jora Compost Tumblers were made for one purpose: to quickly and efficiently recycle your family’s organic household waste and convert it into nutritious compost; and it does that very well. This is why this compost tumbler is so popular worldwide:

  • The Jora Compost Tumblers are very easy to rotate by using one the handles that are strategically placed around the horizontal drum. This rotation is critical for the mixing and aeration of your organic matter so that nature can do what it does best inside the chamber: letting microbes and bacteria break down organic matter into compost (or black gold as gardeners like to call it).
  • The Jora Compost Tumblers have dual compartments which makes it ideal for continuous composting. The typical homeowner will add organic matter to one of the chambers until it is full, and then let that chamber do its thing for a number of weeks while you fill up the other chamber. When the second chamber is full, your compost in the first chamber will be conditioned and ready to feed the soil in your garden. Your plants and flower beds will reward you with healthy growth and beautiful flowers.
  • It is insulated which is great for any climate and can extend the composting season in colder areas. The 2″ thick insulation does two things. First, by insulating the chamber, microbes and bacteria can function throughout the cold season. The breakdown of the organic materials generates heat by itself but if gets too cold the process will stop.  Second, insulation allows the temperature to rise inside the chamber to quickly allow newly added organic waste decompose and avoid any odors. The heat also eradicates seeds that might have made its way into the chamber. Except tomato seeds of course; they seem to survive anything.
  • It’s rodent proof. Jora Compost Tumblers are made of steel with lockable covers making it impossible for rodents to enter. Keeps Fido out as well. Dogs seem to really enjoy eating fresh compost.


Brand: Jora Composters
Dimensions: 44″L x 28″W x 50″H in.
Material: Polyethylene and galvanized powder coated steel. Insulation made of 2″polyethylene plastic.
Color: Green
Weight: 86 lbs.
Capacity: 70 Gallon, 9.5 Cubic Feet
Waranty: 1 year limited warranty

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Weight 60 lbs



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